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Getting Ready for Christmas: Your Essential Telemarketing Checklist 

22nd August 2023

We may still have a few weeks of summer left, but it won’t be long until the most […]

How to Best Use Email for Customer Service

8th August 2023

There’s a very good reason why we call ourselves a ‘Contact Centre’.   It’s because in today’s ever-evolving world, […]

Tracking Call Quality: Our Top Hints and Hacks 

25th July 2023

Call quality impacts everything in a Contact Centre; from operational efficiency to client satisfaction.  In an ideal world, […]

Customer Service Tips – Hear it From the Experts! 

11th July 2023

No matter what industry you work in, it helps to know how to give someone a great experience.  […]

Contact Centre Outsourcing: Why We’re Better Than Offshore 

27th June 2023

Contact Centres are an invaluable asset, and have been for over three decades! Our team have been there […]

Rapport Building Techniques That Will Boost Your Call Quality 

13th June 2023

At Mango, we believe in quality over quantity when it comes to call handling. While other contact centres […]

The Benefits of a Live Chat Service

30th May 2023

In this fast-paced world, real-time engagement is highly attractive to customers across the globe.  There’s nothing better than […]

4 Ways Businesses Can Support Charities 

16th May 2023

Supporting charities brings many benefits that go beyond that feel-good factor.   For example – working with charities can […]

4 Benefits of a 24/7 Contact Centre 

2nd May 2023

There’s no denying that people love efficiency.   It’s what gets businesses good reviews, boosts their reputation, and ensures […]

Work Wellbeing: Changing Your Employees From Staff to Family

18th April 2023

We spend so much time together at work – almost 85,000 hours in a lifetime in fact!   In […]

Mango’s Top Social Media Platforms 

4th April 2023

Social media has rapidly become a firm favourite across all generations. It doesn’t matter if you’re 18 or […]

5 Top Tips for Working in a Contact Centre 

21st March 2023

Starting a new job is a super exciting time. In the build-up to your first day, you’ll be […]

Welcome to Mango Direct Marketing’s Brand-New Blog! 

7th March 2023

Welcome to Mango Direct Marketing’s brand-spanking-new blog. We hope you’re as excited as we are!  We know you […]

Inbound and Outbound Calls: What’s the Difference and Do You Need Both? 

28th October 2021

In the Contact Centre industry, we differentiate our phone calls as inbound and outbound. But what exactly does this mean and involve?