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How You Can be Always Available with Call Answering Services

When you’re at your busiest, that always seems to be the prime time for your phone to ring off the hook!

You then make a split-second decision to answer as it could be a potential lead, losing your train of thought on your current task.  

Or when you’re in meetings all day, how often do you return to your desk to find 20+ missed calls to catch-up on, to find that only a handful are genuine compared to spam after you’ve already taken the time to call them all back? 

We understand all too well that as much as you probably wish you could – you can’t be in two places at once! But thankfully there’s always a solution, and it’s known as call answering services

Call Answering Services: What Exactly Are They? 

Well, they are pretty much exactly what it says on the tin – professional phone answering completed on your behalf for when you can’t be there to answer.  

For example, if somebody calls you and you’re unavailable, this will be answered by a highly skilled agent who is trained on your operations and seen as an extension of your team. From taking messages to appointment setting – they help manage your opportunities while you’re focusing on other important areas of your business. 

And even when you’re not focusing on your business – if you’re benefitting from this service – you can enjoy having your calls taken during the night, the weekend, and bank holidays! 

Why Use Call Answering Services? 

There’s lots of reasons why companies big and small may use call answering services. For example: 

  • Better customer experiences – reducing long wait times and frustrations 
  • Drives extra business that could otherwise be missed 
  • Employing a full-time receptionist salary can be costly 
  • Getting existing staff to step in when needed and taking them away from their day-to-day tasks can be counterproductive 
  • Call answering services provide peace of mind – especially when it stops the distraction of what feels like endless phone ringing! 
  • It’s a flexible service, which can be started/stopped as and when needed, with a quick and easy setup process 
  • It doesn’t have to stop at phone answering and message taking – you can combine this service with other helpful inbound solutions such as Live Chat messaging and social media monitoring for example 

Call answering services are there for companies of all sizes and all call volumes. Whether they want to cut overheads or boost internal efficiencies – there is a phone answering option for all! 

What to Expect from Outsourced Phone Answering Services 

We understand that handing your calls and associated messages over is a big decision, but it can be as simple as 1, 2, 3, 4…really! 

Here’s what you can expect from Mango’s call answering service at its most basic level: 

  1. A call comes through to your business line 
  2. One of our agents (who belong to a fully trained, dedicated team for your account) answers, confirming your business name and following your approved script  
  3. Using a friendly, welcoming tone, they explain that you’re unavailable and ask if they can take a message to pass over to you  
  4. The caller’s details and message are taken and delivered to your inbox instantly for you to review (this can either be done via email notification or SMS messaging

    This service can be setup for you in as soon as 24 hours. Not only this, but you can expect this new-found convenience at a low-cost flat fee, so you know what you’re spending each month. 

    See? It really is that simple!

    What are the Next Steps? 

    If you’re contemplating a call answering service for your business, our best advice would be to take one week where you monitor call volume and how this impacts your workload. 

    Use this checklist to help give you an idea: 

    • How many calls do you receive each week? 
    • What methods are you relying on to handle them currently? 
    • How are these calls effecting your day-to-day operations? E.g. roughly how long are you spending managing these calls yourself? 
    • How many calls are genuine vs spam? 
    • Is there a special circumstance that may increase your calls during a certain period where you will require help e.g. flyer drops, the launch of an exclusive deal, post-networking event, social media advertising – or will you need help on an ongoing basis 

    If you find answering calls disrupts workflow by taking you/your staff away from what they do best, or that you are losing business and getting customer complaints – then introducing a call answering service may be the answer. Whether it be for a short trial period or on a rolling basis – at Mango – we can give you a speedy, tailored solution to suit your exact needs  

    From a dedicated team to bespoke reporting – we ensure your account is maximised at a low cost, giving you and your team the freedom to take your business to the next level! 

    If you have a question or are ready to get started – talk to the Mango team now!