Meet the Mangooooos

We are fortunate to have the most talented, passionate and dedicated team. Meet our fab crew who make Mango the success and fun it is today!

The top dogs!

Stuart Lally and Mouse

Mango Ethical Direct Marketing was founded in June 2008 by Stuart and Susan Lally as a telemarketing Bureau. Due to the demand in communications and technology advancements over the years, we have rapidly grown to become Ireland’s largest independently owned Contact Centre.

Stuart Lally


Gavin Martin

Managing Director

Mark Weir

Technology Director

Sarah Barton

HR Manager

Aimee Agnew

Senior Operations Manager

Josephine Patterson

Client Services Director

Want to join the team?

We asked ourselves what truly matters to us. The answer was simple – Ethics. To be frank, we recognise the difference between right and wrong.

At Mango Direct Marketing, we consistently strive to set a high standard, delivering excellent results for our customers, whilst supporting our loyal team driving a positive ethical culture.

Mango’s authenticity is evident in how we approach client campaigns and in doing so, we showcase how we do things differently. Over the years, we have been fortunate to have a growing team of communications experts, striving to deliver excellence, create innovative campaign solutions and use clever software to get results.