What we do

From Charity and Home Shopping to Financial & Insurance our team become an extension of yours.

Being Ethical

We asked ourselves what truly matters to us. The answer was simple – Ethics. To be frank, we recognise the difference between right and wrong. At Mango Direct Marketing, we consistently strive to set a high standard, delivering excellent results for our customers, whilst supporting our loyal team driving a positive ethical culture.

Mango’s authenticity is evident in how we approach client campaigns and in doing so, we showcase how we do things differently.

An extension of your team

Our team will become a seamless extension of yours.

Hand-picked team – We match Mango team members that will best suit your brand and output to truly reflect how you want to connect with customers.

First Class Training – Whether its on the phone, email marketing or live chat, the Mango team are trained regularly, so bringing a smile to your customer will ensure they keep coming back.

Our Services

Our team's happiness, trust and job satisfaction mean a lot to us. A happy team means a happy workplace. Our clients get to know their trusted loyal team members on a long-term basis and the results speak for themselves.

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Mango Direct Marketing, is here to do all the hard work for you! We operate a 24/7, 365 days a year telesales handling service – we are always here, literally! Your lines will always be open, meaning that you will always be connected to your customers.

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Customer Services

Customer Service plays a major role to your business or organisation success. It helps build loyalty, generate a positive identity, and increase customer leads. At Mango Direct Marketing we ensure that your customer’s experience is professional, easy and enjoyable. If they are happy, then you will be too!

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Supporter Services

At Mango Direct Marketing we pride ourselves on becoming part of your team. Our expert support services offer all aspects of sales and customer service, ensuring that your customers have the best possible experience.

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Live Chat

Live Chat is such a powerful tool to allow human interaction, but digitally. At Mango Direct Marketing, our IT experts create the perfect communications tools with the latest software to suit your needs.

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Social Media Management

We are living in a digital first world with customer demands higher than ever before. People expect rapid responses when it comes to customer service and having social media as part of your communications tools means expectations are high.

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Email Management

Some may think that emails are a little outdated. Emails are one of the best ways to connect with your customers and they are also a brilliant tool to interact. We provide a hassle free email management service, designed specifically for you.

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Telephony Management

It’s an efficient service with no lead time that is created to meet your outputs and needs.

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SMS messaging is universally understood, and it is a great way to communicate with your customers instantly. It’s a modest technology tool that is really effective, inexpensive and practical.

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At Mango Direct Marketing we pride ourselves in providing an unrivalled telephone fundraising service for our clients. It’s in our nature to smash targets. Getting results feels good, so when our team is happy, our clients are happy!

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Response Handling

At Mango Direct Marketing, we provide a tailor made, end to end response solutions to support your customer’s journey. We support all sectors including charities to be more effective in managing the variable volume of inbound calls generated from fundraising and marketing promotions.

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Do you have items that need signed, sealed, and delivered? Our inhouse team can do everything from printing and packing letters, to creating mail packs, dispatching them straight to your customers.

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