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Tracking Call Quality: Our Top Hints and Hacks 

Call quality impacts everything in a Contact Centre; from operational efficiency to client satisfaction. 

In an ideal world, it would be nice to assume that everything is always hunky-dory – but tracking progress is an essential procedure to ensure service is continuously optimised. 

At Mango, we have honed the art of nurturing, tracking and improving call quality – in several ways in fact! 

In this blog, we provide a full rundown of hints and hacks that we use to ensure call quality is in tip-top shape. But before that, let’s look at why it’s important to do in the first place… 

The Importance of Call Quality Checks

Whether a person is calling to make a donation, purchase an item, or ask for assistance – they will likely encounter the brief message: “This call may be monitored for training and quality purposes.” 

While this is a common occurrence in this day and age and may go unnoticed by most – this plays a huge part in how Contact Centres like ourselves measure how well a query is being handled.  

This is vital because, according to 123 Form Builder’s 2023 customer service statistics, how we manage interactions and provide experiences is now more important (and demanding) than ever before: 

  • Customer support requests are up to 14% from last year; 
  • 81% of people claim that receiving good customer service makes them more likely to return; 
  • 70% of the conversion experience is based on how the customer is treated; 
  • More than 60% of customers now expect companies to meet all their needs; 
  • 64% of businesses say they can notice sales growth due to good customer service. 

If done right, these benchmarks for success can reap many rewards across the board. For example:  

  • Positive interactions provide an enjoyable experience for both the caller and the agent; 
  • Consistently good experiences can nurture client-customer relationships and boost reputation; 
  • Agents will enjoy praise, recognition and a boost in morale.  

How We Track Call Quality at Mango 

We understand that every agent will have different skills. So, to ensure the above outcomes, we track call quality in different ways to help identify gaps and set new goals as a result… 

Call Recording and Listening 

Call recording and listening is a classic quality monitoring method. It gives a first-hand, detailed insight into how calls flow, how the agent solves problems, how rapport is built, and so much more! 

Using our very own PCI-compliant call recording app, designed inhouse by our expert IT team, our Contact Centre management and client services teams can securely listen to calls to spot areas for improvement from both an agent and process perspective. 

These calls are then used to aid agent training and client calibration sessions… 

Call Calibration 

Call calibration sessions are regular meetings held between our client services team and clients to discuss and rate calls.  

Not only do we understand that every agent is different, but we also know that each client has different expectations and requirements. Call calibration is the key to unlocking what these are, so we can work with transparency and partnership at the forefront. 

At Mango, we believe this strategy helps to: 

  • Define best practices 
  • Determine preferred call flows and formats 
  • Optimise scripts 
  • Set new objectives  
  • Revisit how areas have been improved 

We then use this information to map out feedback sessions with agents, or examine new processes and approaches that will enhance efficiency, productivity and quality. 

Feedback Sessions  

At Mango, we host regular ‘1-2-1’ meetings between Team Leaders and Contact Centre agents. They are used primarily to give agents feedback, but are also used to check-in with how they’re doing/feeling, and help them grow in their roles.  

Having dedicated feedback sessions with agents gives them the perfect opportunity to reflect, learn and adapt – therefore optimising their performance over time. This is where the call recordings come in handy – allowing them to listen to their skills in action (as well as other agents’ high-quality calls), independently score themselves and identify focus points for the future. 

Having the Right Tools 

High-quality service is delivered in several ways. While the agent will be responsible for the spoken interaction, they still need additional tools to provide a totally seamless experience. 

Our Contact Centre management and client services teams are always brainstorming and strategising new ways we can make processes sleeker and better than they were before.  

Enter: our fabulous IT team to make the dream a reality! 

With thanks to them, we have been able to create bespoke systems, tools and apps to ensure campaigns are fully catered for. Not only this, but they have also developed many internal solutions which help with tracking quality, such as: 

  • Agent journey app – a record of agent progress 
  • Staff training app – a record of what training they have completed/are yet to complete 
  • Agent notes app – a space for agents to securely store training notes 
  • MChat – our internal-only chat platform for staff to communicate updates across all levels of the business 

Ensuring Consistent Call Quality 

Quality monitoring is a continual process that forms an integral part of business operations, no matter what industry you’re in! 

By implementing the above hacks into our daily processes, we have spotted huge opportunities for both our clients and staff, as they have allowed us to consistently evaluate and improve performance. 

If you are looking for a high-quality Contact Centre solution – talk to Mango today!