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How Mango Help the Housing Association Sector 

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The housing association sector has become one of Mango’s specialities over the last 15 years.  

Housing associations provide an essential service; offering shelter and support to their residents, which may be across thousands of different properties up and down the country! 

But how exactly do we help housing associations? From 24/7/365 out of hours support to overflow cover – there’s not much we can’t do! 

In this blog, we take a closer look at the housing association sector as a whole, and how we can aid the important work these organisations do. 

Housing Associations: What’s Involved? 

The housing association sector exists to provide their residents with guidance and assistance with a wide range of queries and requests. Whether they be simple or complex, housing associations have a big responsibility over the welfare of their residents, and so must focus on accessibility to ensure nothing’s ever missed. 

There are lots of reasons why residents might want to contact their housing association, some of which include, but are not limited to: 

  • To report damages or faults so the housing association can quickly repair and maintain the property in accordance with the law 
  • To obtain information about a property e.g. whether rent has been paid yet or to update personal details. 
  • To inform of an emergency in relation to the property e.g. a gas leak or fire 

From working as the first point-of-contact for several housing associations across the UK, we know how important this responsibility is and that when residents get in contact, they deserve a reliable, speedy response. 

On Mango’s side, we exist to help housing associations ensure that no query goes unacknowledged. Oftentimes, we see housing associations struggle with the following: 

  • Resource restraints e.g. not having the inhouse capacity to manage peaks in calls or offer out of hours support 
  • Managing expectations e.g. residents not knowing what services they are and are not entitled to 
  • Keeping up with technology advancements e.g. missing multi and omnichannel opportunities to reduce high call volumes and boost first contact resolution via Live Chat, email, social media messaging, video conferencing/WhatsApp 

How Do We Help the Housing Association Sector?

Covering Manchester to Cornwall (and beyond!) – we are experienced in offering first-class tenant support services. Our housing association contact centre services are extensive, covering the below (and then some!): 

  • Emergency Lines 
  • Day Time Cover 
  • Out of Hours (24/7/365) 
  • Overflow 
  • Incident Reporting 
  • Outbound 
  • Lone Worker Checks 
  • Escalation Services 
  • Payment Lines 
  • Decanting Services 

Our expertise in the above means we can offer these services on a round-the-clock basis, giving clients and their tenants peace of mind that whenever support is needed, there’s always someone there to answer the call. 

What are the Benefits? 

Through a combination of industry knowledge and proven proficiency, the Mango team offer many benefits to housing associations, including: 

Increased accessibility: By offering and managing several channels of communication such as phone, Live Chat, social media and email – we enable tenants with any and all preferences to reach out to have their queries resolved. 

Greater flexibility: We understand that call volumes for housing associations can be unpredictable, making it difficult to organise internal resources. We act as an easy, scalable solution, with our out of hours and overflow services providing a reassuring fix to this common problem. 

Bespoke reporting: We provide tailored result reporting, so all essential data is included for clients’ records, allowing performance to be accurately tracked and actively optimised. 

Faster resolution times: With more queries being handled with our help through various channels, we ensure issues are addressed and resolved more quickly, which is critical to improving tenant satisfaction, meeting regulatory measures and first-time resolution, helping to reduce repeat calling and overall call volumes. 

Regardless of the size of the housing association, we understand the importance of being resident-centred and always available. If you have any questions about our housing association services, please feel free to talk to Mango today!