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The Benefits of an Inhouse IT Team

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When people think of inhouse IT teams, the phrase “Have you tried turning it off and on again?” usually springs to mind. As a full-service Contact Centre with our own internal IT team, we can assure you that they’re nothing like the ‘IT Crowd’ you might be thinking about! 

In fact, having an outsourced Contact Centre with its very own IT department comes with some superior benefits. From rapid internal systems support to end-to-end campaign builds and report production, right through to new tech deployment and 24-hour cover – they really are campaign life savers

Read on to find out how our inhouse IT team are so imperative to us, and our clients! 

We promise you won’t hear this line from our guys! Source: People Management 

Experienced and Open-Minded Team 

Having been in the telemarketing industry for over 15 years at Mango, the department is further backed up by another 35 years within the industry cumulatively – and many years across other sectors such as finance, software houses and manufacturing.  

We match our expertise with fresh ideas, and love to hire up-and-coming IT talent who bring outside-the-box perspectives to an ever-changing environment. 

We also pride ourselves on our strong links to SERC, our local college, and each year welcome students for 12-week work placements, helping to build their skills and advance the existing team’s knowledge, too! 

Instant Support Onsite 

With developers, analysts and systems all onsite, instant support gives a distinct advantage. No waiting on a third party, making numerous phone calls, waiting in queues (the list goes on) – our reaction times to the situation are instant. 

The team are not just on-hand for Mango, but our clients as well, and are usually an extension of the client’s own IT team, helping where we can to bridge any shortfall in resources. 

Having a team that are not only highly trained and skilled – but also exceptionally talented – means they are natural problem solvers that can ensure a speedy, robust solution for our clients, and a smooth day-to-day operation for our staff.  

Full Understanding of Your Operations, Systems and Networks 

With telemarketing, technology solutions must be all-encompassing. That’s because there is so much to consider and cover in order to provide the best service possible, such as: 

  • Telephony management (DDIs/NGNs) 
  • Hardware 
  • Software 
  • Security (internally and externally) 
  • Campaign reporting and analysis 
  • Script building and management 
  • Application development and integration 

With so many critical elements to manage, comes the need for intricate knowledge of internal operations, systems and networks – something that would take years for a third-party IT solution to grasp. 

As our Technology Director has over 25 years of experience working in IT and has been the main overseer of every IT project in Mango for the last 15 years – it’s safe to say the team know a thing or two about how to facilitate a successful campaign!  

Inhouse, we can manage a campaign from start to finish. From your first idea to a phone call or text from a customer or supporter through to your team looking at management reports – Mango IT are involved at every step. 

Close Relationship with Other Departments 

A campaign has lots of moving parts, with a range of departments working in tandem to help it seamlessly grow from strength to strength.  

With multiple clients and campaigns running at once – our Contact Centre Operations, Client Management and IT teams like to meet daily to discuss new tasks, brainstorm new solutions and allocate assignments.  

Plus, with all teams in the one office building, staff are only a short walk or flight of stairs away! This means that actions can be taken instantly, projects can be worked on collaboratively, and everything is a team effort with no delays or roadblocks. 

Inhouse IT Teams Have More Room to Innovate 

Having an internal IT team means they can spot areas for improvement and create new, innovative solutions for both major and monotonous operations. 

One of the most impressive and invaluable solutions our IT team has designed, built and deployed is ‘MHub’; our very own internal platform which houses a range of innovative web applications. MHub is accessed company-wide, allowing each staff member to login to manage their own admin where applicable. 

Some of the applications within MHub include:  

  • MPlayer: Our own fully integrated, PCI compliant call recording system, used by both managers and clients to access calls and monitor quality scores.  
  • Holidays: Allows staff to request holidays, change shifts and log sickness. The app also sends automated alerts to the relevant managers to review requests, as well as notifies employees to inform them of request responses.   
  • MChat: Our internal chat platform for staff to communicate across all levels of the business. 
  • Campaign Schedule: Enables our Resourcing team to determine where campaigns can be placed to best suit the client and our internal teams.  
  • Agent Journey: Enabling Managers to add information about their teams to inform strengths and areas of improvement e.g. Team Leaders can add results, a Client Manager can add client feedback, Training Managers can log call monitoring etc. 
  • Campaign Analytics: Where data from any campaign can be reviewed to identify patterns/trends, which we use to ensure client campaigns are as optimised as possible.  
  • Mouse’s Wheel of Fortune’: An application that gives staff the chance to win prizes e.g. vouchers, experiences and retail goods based on their performance. 

While every application within MHub is purpose-built and meets specific needs, they each exist to ultimately improve processes within Mango and optimise client campaigns.  

For example: our call recording and listening application, MPlayer, helps both our teams and clients monitor performance and quality. Our staff can use these calls for training and benchmarking purposes, and clients can use these to keep track of their campaigns and fuel calibration sessions with the Mango team to continuously collaborate and boost success. 

All-In-One Inhouse Solution 

There are plenty more reasons why having an inhouse IT team is beneficial, but we really could go on forever!  

Having an outsourced full-service Contact Centre solution means your campaign is good hands at every stage, with experts there when you need them to problem solve and optimise across all areas.  

At Mango, we are a team of innovative, ethical professionals with a wealth of telemarketing experience in all its aspects. There’s not a lot we can’t answer, so if you are seeking an all-in-one Contact Centre solution, please talk to Mango today!