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The 4 Benefits of Office Working 

There’s no denying that since 2020, the way we work has completely changed. Almost every industry had to alter their day-to-day routines: with in-person office chats turning into Slack group channels, and boardroom meetings being swapped for screen sharing.  

While these digital tools played a vital role in keeping us connected throughout erratic lockdowns, we always felt that there was something missing. Office working almost seemed like a ‘days gone by’ thing – something which we weren’t ready to let go of here at Mango! 

The Benefits of Office Working

Now that we’ve returned to better days, the entire Mango team is (thankfully) back to being fully office-based – or, what we like to call – ‘back to normal’! To show our appreciation, we thought it would be fitting to run through the four top things we love about office working. So here they are… 

Increased Collaboration 

The famous quote “alone we can do so little; together we can do so much” springs to mind when talking about collaboration. It’s so true though – working solo can only get you so far, whereas working in a team can help broaden potential in so many ways. 

At Mango, we firmly believe that joining forces with others is what sparks creativity and strengthens work ethic. When you share a space with other like-minded people, it is far easier to voice ideas and stimulate productivity.  

Whether it be in a training group, or in a brainstorming meeting – a positive energy and working atmosphere cannot be replicated remotely or through video calls, and it is 100% essential for the success of any team! 

Builds Better Relationships 

It’s rare that people make time for a proper chat with one another during a purposely scheduled Zoom meeting. Whether it be a spontaneous chat by the water cooler or in the communal kitchen – it’s these little moments that cement familiarity and develop relationships.  

It doesn’t matter if it’s about a work-related topic or a personal problem, this social cohesion is what generates a company culture that gives people a sense of confidence and belonging. 

At Mango, we strive to continuously nurture our culture by initiating regular in-office competitions, activities and events. We love it because not only does it create a social buzz, but it boosts team spirit and turns professional relationships into personal ones. You’ve maybe seen from our social media channels just how close the Mango family is! 

Boosts Faster Learning 

Being based in an office, especially if you’re just starting a new job, leads to speedier progress. Why? Because people experience a wide range of situations which they can learn from – something that is vital when it comes to professional development. 

Plus, having managers present in the room makes all the difference to someone’s performance and growth. No need to bombard anyone with instant messages or phone calls! Instead, if there is a reliable presence nearby that you can lean on to ask for advice or share ideas with, this resolves problems quickly and ultimately benefits everyone!  

Improved Wellbeing 

Believe it or not, a huge 41% of people felt more anxious and isolated than ever due to lockdown! 

That’s one of the reasons why we believe office working is so important. It’s the greetings of ‘good morning’, the in-office jokes and the farewells of ‘see you tomorrow’ that are so simple yet so effective in making someone feel valued.  

Of course, wellbeing depends on a lot more than that, but it’s the small things as well as the big things that keep people feeling happy and healthy in their workplace.  

Also, while balancing home and work life can keep us on our toes at the best of times – the good thing about office working is that the office provides a clear place of work. A place where people can physically leave at the end of each day and mentally switch off from until they return. This sets healthy boundaries, reduces stress, and promotes a better lifestyle overall. 

At Mango, we know we deliver more from the heart of our office. So much so, that we’ve invested in purchasing the building next door so we can give our staff the space they need to be the best that they can be. 

Of course, there’s plenty more where that came from – check out our video for more benefits of office working – or as we like to call it – #MangoWorking!