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Committing to the Community: Mango’s Local Sponsorships 

Here at Mango, we’re big, big advocates for promoting the local community to help it prosper.  

So, we’re always looking for new ways we can play a part in the bigger picture, by giving local organisations and associations alike a well-deserved boost to create new opportunities and maximise civic pride. 

As such, we’ve been pretty busy making waves with NI-based charities and clubs, finding out how we can aid them in making their hopes, dreams and missions a reality.  

You may have seen us in the news the last couple of months, with the announcement of our corporate partnership with local charity NI Children to Lapland and Days to Remember Trust to expand the reach of their impactful work for children (more on that later!). 

Well, we have recently added another much-loved organisation to our roster… 

Bangor Football Club 

Last week, we announced our brand-new local sponsorship deal with Bangor Football Club!  

The club, founded in 1918 and based in Clandeboye Park, has an extensive and impressive history that we are proud to now be a part of.  

The club has come a long way with developing the stadium grounds and league teams, as well as invoking a strong sense of community amongst football fans across the city and beyond – something we are super excited to join in an official capacity. 

Bangor FC Chairman, Graham Bailie, said: “We are delighted to secure the support of Mango, which is a high-profile company with well-established links in the city. 

“Mango shares the ambitions of the football club as they are renowned for consistently striving to set high standards and delivering excellent results. We are thrilled to have them onboard as we continue our journey and I look forward to working with them and seeing how we can strengthen our relationship moving forward.” 

Mango CEO, Stuart Lally, said: “As a family-owned business rooted in the local community, we’re incredibly proud to sponsor Bangor FC. This partnership aligns seamlessly with our work culture of being happy, friendly, diligent and delivering results. 

“Just as the Bangor players strive for victory on the field, Mango is striving to set a high standard, delivering excellent results for our customers, whilst supporting our loyal team and driving a positive ethical culture. 

“We wish the team continued success in their matches this season and we are looking forward to seeing the players in action over the coming weeks.” 

With local charities and the community at the heart of our business strategy year-on-year, we have had the pleasure of working with lots of other amazing organisations and associations. Some for only a couple of months so far – and others for over a decade

NI Children to Lapland and Days to Remember Trust 

If you’ve been keeping up with us for the past few months, you might have noticed in October 2023, the Mango team went on their biggest venture yet – a sponsored ‘Walk to Scotland’!  

The annual event, coordinated by the NI Children to Lapland team, exists to help raise funds to give terminally ill, life-limited and deserving children the trip of a lifetime to visit Santa in his hometown of Rovaniemi, Lapland. 

The team raised close to £1,000 in support of the charity, and led to the announcement of our official corporate partnership in December. 

Commenting on our motivation for initiating a partnership with the charity, Stuart said: “We were deeply moved by the amazing experiences the NI Children to Lapland and Days to Remember Trust has provided to local children since its inception in 2008.  

Our team at Mango is extremely passionate about contributing to the community and supporting local charities. Whether it’s through sponsorship, volunteering, or fundraising – we are dedicated to helping worthy causes thrive to benefit more people in need.” 

We’ve also got lots of fundraising plans in the works for the year ahead, so keep your eyes peeled for what we do next! Here’s a hint… 

Abbey Villa Football Club 

Mango has been a key sponsor for Abbey Villa Football Club, located in Adam’s Park, Millisle, for over 10 years now!  

Throughout our time as sponsor of the Northern Amateur Football League (Division 1A) team, we have keenly watched the club evolve from strength to strength with countless triumphant wins, supplying new season kits and, most recently, a spectator stand to keep up with audience demand.  

We’re so proud of the team and how far they’ve come. We can’t wait to see how it progresses over the next 10 years! 

The Barn Animal Rescue 

Based in Newtownards, The Barn Animal Rescue is a remarkable charity that rescue cruelly treated or abandoned animals; rehoming to their forever families to experience love and care for life.  

With help from the wider community, the charity can carry out vital animal welfare work. This is something we are extremely passionate about – as The Barn holds a special place in our hearts here at Mango – with lots of our staff having them to thank for their own furry companions! 

From fundraising and donating items in need right through to volunteering, the Mango team support the charity on a repeated basis, with plans to increase our efforts and initiate set volunteer days to provide much-needed assistance (and play with the puppies, of course!).  

Storehouse North Down

Storehouse North Down exists, as a charity, to be a real answer for families and individuals who have no safety net. It is supported by local churches, community groups, businesses and individuals alike to fight food poverty across Bangor, North Down and beyond. 

Mango helps this incredible charity through donating essential items for emergency food hampers. Our biggest being the Christmas collection – where we supplied multiple trolleys worth of food and gifts for the Storehouse team to assemble and deliver Christmas dinners and presents to those in need. 

We have further plans to give back to the local community through Storehouse North Down, so watch this space!

Mango’s Continued Commitment to the Community 

There’s plenty more where that came from…but we might be here a while listing all the other charities and clubs we’ve worked with over the last 15 years! 

With our CSR mission continuing to grow, we are always looking for new ways to aid non-profit organisations and grassroots groups to spread their positive work. If you’re interested in partnering up with a company like us, or need support in reaching your charity or club’s goals – feel free to talk to the Mango team today.