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Giving Back to the Community – Why it Matters 

giving back to the community featured image - man helping woman by putting shopping bags in trolley for food bank

Supporting the local community is becoming a growing priority for companies both big and small.  

Why? Because giving back to the community – whether it be through volunteering or fundraising – comes with lots of benefits for all involved. In this blog, we dive deep into these many advantages, and detail why it matters to play an active part in helping your local area flourish!  

Why is it Important to Give Back to the Community? 

Whether it be donating time or raising funds – even the smallest of tasks can make a real difference to the lives of people, animals and organisations in need.  

Not only that, but another pro of being community-focused is the positive impact it makes on staff morale and future business prospects.  

Without further ado, let’s get into what you can expect from upping your CSR efforts… 

Encourages Team Bonding 

Regardless of the size of your company, making a team effort to support a local cause or improve your surroundings will instil a sense of reward and unity among your staff. 

We know from experience that coming together as a team over a meaningful purpose (e.g. for the betterment of something/benefit of others) has created lifelong memories and friendships within our team.  

Some highlights include challenges like Tough Mudder, sponsored head shaves and a 10-mile walk from Holywood-Bangor in aid of local charities, volunteering at nearby animal shelters and food banks, as well as doing beach cleans to reduce pollution and protect the environment. 

With taking part in events like these regularly, we see closer bonds among the team, as well as with other like-minded people from the community. It also helps employees feel greater satisfaction in their job, and embeds a stronger sense of company pride and advocacy.  

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mango giving back to the community volunteering at The Barn Animal Rescue - two woman and one man holding puppy
The Mango team volunteering at The Barn Animal Rescue

Learn More About the World 

Getting your team to spend time enriching the community and meeting new people is a brilliant way to broaden their perceptions and learn new life skills.  

Immersing in a community and serving others in need helps your employees better understand people’s circumstances, gives them a more open-minded perspective, improves their communication skills and teaches patience and empathy – all of which will enhance other areas in their life. 

What’s more, is that giving back to the community may even help your staff unlock a new passion, hobby or interest – something they will appreciate and reflect upon positively in the future. So, not only are you contributing to their professional development, but their personal development, too! 

Mango’s 10-mile walk from Holywood-Bangor for charity

Helps Those in Need 

Without volunteers or sponsors, a huge portion of the help our communities receive would not be so readily available. 

By spending time assisting at local shelters or food banks, or even doing a whip-round of donations in the office, this support not only gives those offering a sense of accomplishment, but it most importantly provides an essential service to less fortunate neighbours. 

With more resources helping those in need, this combats and reduces the key issue being experienced in the community. The more people feel a sense of reward, the more momentum is spread, and the more positive differences are made to make the community a better place. 

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Improves Company Reputation 

These days, more and more people are making conscious choices to work for and work with companies who share their values and have a strong CSR strategy in place.  

For example, businesses with a strong community presence often attract top talent. Plus, engaged employees who participate in community initiatives are more likely to remain, fostering a positive, stable workplace culture. 

Long-term involvement in community development also builds credibility and reputation. Businesses that invest their time and resources become genuine collaborators in community development, making significant positive impacts that create lasting impressions to local and national onlookers, which can help with securing new business. 

Where to Start with Giving Back to the Community?

There are so many important causes out there that always need fundraisers, volunteers or sponsors to support the work they’re doing. Many towns and cities have community centres, which can be a great place to start to search for new opportunities to give back. 

To get your staff invested, you can ask for their suggestions via focus groups or questionnaires. At Mango, we make this a focus each quarter, so everyone gets a chance to put their ideas forward and contribute to something they’re passionate about.   

You can also check websites like local Chambers of Commerce or councils for opportunities that fit your goals. Another alternative is joining local groups on Facebook so you can easily engage with others nearby and get feedback on where is in need of help.  

No matter how big or small your efforts are in giving back to the community, we can guarantee you and your team will reap lots of social, professional and personal rewards. 

Whether you want more pointers or have more questions on how to get started, feel free to talk to the Mango team today!