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Work Wellbeing: Changing Your Employees From Staff to Family

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We spend so much time together at work – almost 85,000 hours in a lifetime in fact!  

In this time, we learn and achieve so much. But we can’t expect to reach milestones without the right support, or enjoy the journey without making memories along the way. 

It is a known fact that the more people feel a sense of belonging in the workplace, they are more likely to commit to that company long-term. Work wellbeing centres around genuinely caring about employees, looking after their needs, and encouraging their best performance by showing appreciation – something we actively strive towards here at Mango! 

Investing in Work Wellbeing: Our Top 5 Tips

As such, we’ve rounded up our top five ways to focus more on work wellbeing, transform staff into family, the benefits that come with this, and examples of how we do it at Mango… 

Provide Consistent Feedback, and Always Include the Positives! 

Think about it: who doesn’t love getting compliments after working your butt off? 

Effective communication and scheduled feedback sessions bring so many benefits, professionally and personally, on both sides!  

Professionally speaking, they promote continuous learning, which aids staff in thriving and succeeding in their roles. From a personal standpoint, they give employees across all levels of the company a chance to get to know each other better, which leads to improved relationships, and develops a greater sense of belonging. In turn, this can turn colleagues into friends – something that instantly makes going into work feel like you’re going to your second home instead.  

When providing feedback, at Mango we always take an ‘attitude with gratitude’ approach. We look for the positives in a person’s development and support them in whatever way they need in order to nurture their potential.  

Organise Engagement Activities and Events 

Whether it be a s**t shirt day, a bake sale or a charity fun run – if it brings people together – it will work wonders in making people feel more connected to their fellow colleagues and the company as a whole. 

In fact, 79% of employees believe fun at work relieves stress, and 62% of employees who have fun at work take less sick days. 

At Mango, we organise monthly engagement days (sometimes more!). We see these as great opportunities to get people from different departments to mingle and spark friendships, as well as give staff something new to look forward to.  

If you’re looking for some inspiration, check out our Facebook page! In the past, the Mango family have done everything including: 

  • Drown a director day 
  • Ice cream truck day 
  • Fancy dress parties 
  • S**t shirt day 
  • Bake sale days 
  • Bring your pet to work day 
  • Pancake day 
  • Sports day 
  • And SO much more!  

Work Parties so You Can All Let Your Hair Down Together! 

Let’s be honest, work parties are great craic, and they‘re where we make some of the best memories throughout our entire careers.  

Whether you go all out with awards, quizzes or tournaments – or prefer to keep it simple with dinner and drinks – a work party is the best way to bond with others and properly get to know the people you see everyday in a non-work-related setting. 

Every year, Mango hosts a Summer party and a Christmas party company-wide. One of our firm favourites is a talent show where any act goes – so you can imagine the anticipation that builds and the laughs we have! We always share highlights across our social media platforms too, especially on TikTok, if you want to have a nosey.  

(Keep your eyes peeled for our upcoming Summer party too…) 

Create a Comfortable Setting 

We know first-hand that making sure employee workspaces are fresh, clean and comfortable can have a significant impact on their wellbeing, performance and productivity. 

Not only this, but an aesthetically pleasing office can spark a sense of pride amongst staff, meaning they will instantly feel proud to work there from the moment they start and all the way through their career. 

At Mango, we offer lots of fantastic facilities to our staff, including: 

  • Scenic backdrops 
  • Pool table 
  • Fancy coffee machine 
  • Plenty of comfortable seating areas 
  • Multiple fully kitted kitchens 
  • Vending machines, stocked weekly 
  • Outdoor space 
  • Balcony space 
  • Shower facilities 
  • Lots of private meeting spaces 
  • And much, much more! 

If you want to see some sneak peeks of our building, check out our video tour

Reward Them Regularly

Rewards really do go a long way when it comes to making employees feel valued, and then some!  

For example, rewarding staff has the power to: 

  • Increase productivity amongst employees 
  • Contribute to a positive company culture 
  • Promote a feel-good atmosphere across the workplace 
  • Motivate staff to exceed their goals 
  • Improve morale, especially if they are rolled out regularly and/or rewarded to teams 
  • Boost recognition of hard work, especially if achievements are circulated internally and/or posted on social media 

In fact, rewards (no matter how big or small) can increase feelings of inclusion by up to 38%

At Mango, we see non-financial incentives as a multifaceted tool. We love nothing more than saying ‘thank you’ when handing over an Amazon voucher, or enjoying everyone’s company during a ‘Pizza Friday’. It all feeds into something so much bigger – something which we think is definitely worth the investment! 

In a nutshell, work wellbeing is SO important, especially in these current times, and is 100% worth putting at the forefront of your strategy. For more helpful tips, check out the rest of our blog page