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How to Best Use Email for Customer Service

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There’s a very good reason why we call ourselves a ‘Contact Centre’.  

It’s because in today’s ever-evolving world, we are now spoilt for choice when it comes to communicating! From phone calls to emails, live chat to social media – getting in touch is literally just a few taps away. 

Using email as a contact method has long been a firm-favourite among customers, staff and companies alike. Not only are they convenient, they’re super easy to track and they save time.  

But using email for customer service is a very different game compared to other methods, and is only truly effective with the right tips and tricks. As we have been a professional email management service provider for the last 15 years, you can be sure we have a few up our sleeve! 

In this blog, we reveal how we ensure great results using email for customer service… 

How to Ensure Effective Emails for Customer Service 

While anyone can write an email, believe it or not, there is a knack to being a pro when using it for customer interactions. So long as you tick the boxes below – you’ll be on a roll – trust us! 

Set Up Automatic Email Acknowledgements 

When a customer sends an email, it’s common courtesy these days to set up an automatic response that they’ll receive instantly. 

It might not contain the exact answer they’re looking for – but it’s a great way to put a customer’s mind at ease. How? Well… 

  • It lets them know that their query has been delivered 
  • It gives you a chance to thank them for their time and get the communication off to a positive start 
  • It allows you to set expectations, e.g. inform them when they can expect a response from a customer service agent 
  • You can direct them to helpful resources that you have available, e.g. an FAQ page, social media channels etc. 

In short: customers value companies that deliver prompt responses, rather than ones that have them feeling left in a limbo. Automation is an easy, effective way to meet this need. 

Remember Your ‘Please’ and ‘Thank You’s 

While it is common sense to have good manners in customer service, it’s worth reiterating how it makes a world of difference in any and every situation. 

For example, not remembering general niceties can be enough to lose a customer. People have high expectations these days, and missing out on showing consideration is very difficult to recover from – especially with emails being trackable! 

Having templates ready-made for yourself or your colleagues is a super effective way to ensure manners are never put on the backburner. Plus, it saves lots of typing time! 

Some phrases we recommend using are: 

  • ‘I hope you are well today’ 
  • ‘Thank you for getting in touch with us’ 
  • ‘Please can I ask for more information regarding XYZ’ 
  • ‘I look forward to hearing from you’ 
  • ‘Many thanks again for your query’ 

Respond With Either an Explanation and/or a Solution 

Once your autoreply has been sent, it’s vital to investigate the customer’s query as soon as you can. 

If you have a timeframe to work to (e.g. 24/48 hours), responding to them within or well before the deadline is ideal. Every scenario is different, but for more complex queries, don’t try to rush yourself. It’s important that you take your time so you can be thorough, and find solid answers to the questions asked to limit escalations. 

Even if you don’t have a full explanation, remember to keep the customer up-to-date regularly with progress reports, just to keep them in the loop. 

Of course, there will be other queries that you can resolve quickly and easily. Just make sure you educate the customer so they are gaining more value than just the answer they were looking for. This could be the case if they ask your opening times, for example. You can give them the answer, then highlight where this information is available on your website/social media channels. 

Going back to the customer with an explanation and a solution will provide them with a sense of relief, knowing that their situation is in good hands. 

Remember to Follow-Up 

Whether it be an order confirmation, a ‘thank you’ after a donation, or a summary of next steps when dealing with a more complicated query – sending a follow-up email puts the customer at the forefront – no matter how big or small their initial reason for getting in touch was. 

Being a Contact Centre, we know a thing or two about how important keeping in touch is – that’s why we use email services in conjunction with our telephony.  

We find sending email responses at the end of calls, depending on the outcome, request, or individual requirement, makes for a great ‘switched-on’ approach to servicing customers. 

Depending on the need, we do this either manually, or through automation. Either way, it provides added value in a world where customers expect more from companies and organisations. 

Email Management Services at Mango 

If your customer service emails are getting on top of you – fear not! That’s what Mango’s here for.  

As an expert email management company, we will dedicate ourselves to learn all about your business, so that we can answer queries with confidence in the tone of your brand.  

Whether it be a permanent fix, or a matter of lending a helping hand during a seasonal spike in volume; by outsourcing your email management to Mango, we help free up your internal resources, saving you precious time at a cost effective price. 

Want to get started? Or have any other questions?  Let’s chat! You can talk to Mango by phoning 028 9147 5200, emailing info@talktomango.com, or dropping us a message here

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