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4 Call Centre Management Best Practices 

If you’re curious about the call centre industry, you’ve come to the right place! 

It’s not just picking up the phone and having a chat – there’s so much more to the world of call centres to ensure everything runs as smoothly as possible. 

What Does Call Centre Management Involve?

From strategy to scripting, call centre management is a group of methods, approaches, actions and determinations that are used by a widely skilled team to manage daily operations and upgrade efficiency. 

As a full-service telemarketing agency that’s been operating for over 15 years – it’s safe to say we know a thing or two about running a call centre. Below, we uncover our top four best practices, so you have an idea of what high standards to expect. 

1. Internal Communication is Everything 

Regardless of what role you play in a call centre, no two days are ever the same. With its fast-paced, unpredictable yet exciting environment – you are always kept on your toes – and teamwork really does make the dream work in this setting. 

Whether you are a Team Leader, Client Manager or IT Developer – internal communication is paramount to ensure success.  

We know all too well that campaigns are never static – they are ever-evolving to truly maximise potential. Only through each department collaborating together is this end result possible.  

Ensuring strong internal communication is imperative. When we are talking about employee satisfaction, there is no better way to discover it than through internal communication. 

For example, agents should feel valued and appreciated, and this can be achieved through regular one-to-one sessions, company-wide shout-outs and ‘thank you’ prizes for a job well done. By making this practice a staple part of our day-to-day, our staff feel motivated and engaged to do well, helping the call centre perform highly as a result. 

2. Prioritise Employee Engagement 

An engaged, happy, valued team makes for seamless operations and excellent services.  

The more an agent is invested in their role, the more productive they will be, and this needs to be nurtured consistently. As such, we make it our mission to prioritise employee engagement activities to maximise overall output – and because we have lots of fun doing it! 

We implement a monthly engagement calendar, with feedback from staff members at the forefront of our plans. From in-office activities to outdoor challenges, we like to make sure our work culture is both stimulating and exciting for all.  

By doing this, it helps improve efficiency, provide better service, make callers happy and cement a positive brand image. We also love giving back to the community – another goal we can achieve while bonding as a wider team! Anyone want to help us plant trees or be part of our next beach clean? 

3. Stay Up to Date with Legislation 

The call centre industry is a constant work in progress, moving at a fast pace to keep callers and their data safe and secure in line with legislation and best practice. 

With legislation covering all areas from health and safety to data protection and GDPR – call centres big and small can’t afford to miss out on any major or minor changes.  

It is call centre management’s responsibility to know and understand all laws associated with the company, and a perfect reputation in this area is essential to ensure future success. 

That’s why we recommend involving as many management staff as possible in trade memberships, so you know you’re always being kept right on all things legislative.  

4. Invest in Technology 

Every year, new technologies appear! From updated systems to advanced features, call centre solutions are being continuously refined to make interactions easier for agents, callers, and management too. 

From IVRs to intelligent routing, we really would be lost without investing time. Effort and financially into these innovations. Just imagine trying to sift through a customer base manually without search or filter functions – what takes a system seconds would take us hours! 

To ensure we’re always on top of the tech world, our very own Technology Director leads our IT team in new developments across systems, telephony, development, reporting and data analysis.  

As a result, we have robust and reliable third-party software integration, internally designed, purpose-built call monitoring functions and real-time dashboards – to name just a few! 

Just like in every industry, it takes years of trying and testing to get it right – as well as staying in the know to keep operations as smooth as possible! 

If you’re looking for a call centre management team that has its best practices pinned down – talk to Mango